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Budget open thread

I’ve been looking for an angle from which to analyse Tuesday’s budget, but it was such a dry and predictable affair everything I came up with was incredibly boring.

So instead I’ve created this open thread where everyone and anyone can discuss the details. Tells us what you like and what you don’t like. Does it demonstrate good financial management? Or is government too focused on the politics?

You can find a summary of some of the measures here.

The full budget papers are here. I might trawl through those in the next couple of days and see if there’s anything that the mainstream media pundits might have missed.



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Latest budget news

After the spectacular leaking of the entire roads budget the NSW government has taken the step of announcing the rest of the budget department by department on its own terms.

In the last week we’ve seen the bottom lines of health, education and police, as well as some details, all announced by the government.


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The NSW budget is landing next week and there’s been much speculation going on as to what it might contain, particularly in the area of transport.

This escalated last Monday with what appeared to be the entire roads budget being leaked to the Opposition and subsequently to the press. The interesting thing was that both Fairfax and News Ltd. ran with the story as an “exclusive” but had completely different takes on it.

The Sydney Morning Herald declared:

The big choke: roads lose out in Rees budget

Whereas The Daily Telegraph gave us:

Rees on road to recovery with Budget’s $4 billion boost

And stated

PREMIER Nathan Rees has approved a rapid acceleration of major road projects across Sydney and NSW, with a record $4.4 billion expected to be announced in the state Budget in two weeks.

So we have the two metropolitan daily’s, writing about the same topic based on the same leaked document coming to completely different conclusions. On Tuesday, Crikey asked a pretty obvious question – “Who is right”?. Going on past experience you would be forgiven for automatically thinking the Tele was wrong, but given the pretty stark differences between the two articles further investigation is warranted.


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