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Most readers are probably by now aware of the story of murdered property developer Michael McGurk. I won’t rehash the events of the last few days because this isn’t a crime or gossip blog. There is a good summary of the story here.

What’s more relevant are the political ramifications of the McGurk saga. The story has exposed links between associates of McGurk and the Labor Party and the issue of political donations has again reared its head.

The more pertinent issue at the moment are the allegations of corruption targeted at unnamed State and Federal Government ministers, bureaucrats and local councillors. Earlier today the NSW police handed over evidence to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The Coalition is also initiated an upper house inquiry into the allegations with the help of The Greens and The Shooters. The scope of the inquiry is unclear, but it would be an interesting move if it was widened by The Greens to include the broader issue of political donations. However the Coalition would probably head off any such move.

I’ll update this post with more information as it comes to light.

Update: The Coalition’s attempts to set up an inquiry appear to have stalled with The Shooters wavering.

Update 2: Apparently a NSW MP has been interviewed by police. There are suggestions that McGurk was seeking a seat in Parliament only two days before his death.


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Interesting timing – a post on corruption in government departments followed by one on crime and now we have a story linking them together.

Former Assistant Director of the NSW Crime Commission Mark Standen has been charged with a number of drug offences and will face trial at the Supreme Court. This is the latest in a saga stretching back to June last year when Standen was arrested at his desk for allegedly attempting to import millions of dollars worth of ephedrine, the chemical used to make the drug ice.


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Bikie laws – A closer look

The NSW Parliament passed a controversial new set of laws in April to “crack down” on outlaw bikie gangs. You might be thinking (like I was), that if we already know that they’re “outside the law” why do we need new laws to… outlaw them? As with most law and order reforms the answer lies in the raw politics of the issue.


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