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Stewart J was on the money when he tipped former Roads and Traffic Authority and Sydney Metro chief Les Wielinga as head of the new Department of Transport and Infrastructure. The appointment has been confirmed.

Yesterday I wrote:

Politics will, of course, trump service delivery when it comes to appointing the new heads of the departments. I don’t have much faith in a government that appoints someone like Les Wielinga, former Chief of Staff to Treasurer Eric Roozendaal (previously Roads Minister), to head the RTA and then the Sydney Metro Authority, to put the right people in the right places.

A bit of foresight on my part! This was one case where I would have welcomed being wrong.

Yesterday Premier Nathan Rees announced that public transport timetables will finally be co-ordinated between rail, bus and ferry services. A lofty goal that shouldn’t be. I don’t see how appointing someone who’s spent his entire working life in roads, a tenure marred by yet more corruption, is going to help achieve that aim.

Any faint hopes I had about the government taking this reform seriously have been well and truly quashed.

In related news, Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione will head up the new Police and Emergency Services department.


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A few weeks ago there were rumours floating around that the government was planning to merge 160 departments and agencies into around a dozen “super-departments”. This morning the rumours were confirmed.


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