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The latest Newspoll published in The Australian is devastating for the NSW Labor Party.

Their primary vote has crashed a record low of 26 per cent while the Coalition is up 2 points to 44 per cent. The Greens are up 5 to a record high of 17 per cent.

On a two party preferred basis the Coalition leads Labor 59-41.

Kristina Keneally and Barry O’Farrell are almost split on the preferred premier numbers, 35 to 34.

It’s hard to overstate how bad these numbers are for the Labor Party as they represent a complete wipe out at the next election.


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Going away

Very unusual of me, but this time I’m letting everyone know ahead of schedule that I’ll be overseas until January and as a result won’t be posting very much.

I will try and keep this blog updated if I can with whatever information I come across, but I’ll create an open thread where everyone can post links and discuss anything that’s going on.

Finally, thanks for sticking with me through the year, been a few times where I haven’t been able to post, but I hope the quality of the articles makes up for it. Hoping to step up the number of posts next year. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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The resignation of John Della Bosca has changed the political dynamic in NSW on a number of levels. Premier Nathan Rees has been forced to plan a cabinet reshuffle, promoting allies and demoting those who he perceives as being destabalising figures in caucus. Rees’ hold on the leadership of the Labor Party has also been affected by Della’s resignation, though perhaps not as obviously as some are suggesting.


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You do now. Back to posting when I am healthy again.

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The final report for an inquiry into same-sex adoption in NSW was released today. The major recommendation to come out of the report was for same-sex couples to be given the same adoption rights as heterosexual couples. You can read the whole thing here.

The committee was made up of 3 Labor MP’s, 2 Liberals and 1 Green.

Strangely, the recommendations weren’t passed by the Labor/Green majority, but by a strange alliance of Labor/Liberal/Green with both a Labor MP and Liberal MP issuing dissenting statements. On top of Liberal MP John Ajaka, the Labor Whip Greg Donnelly opposed the recommendation on the grounds that children should only be raised by both a mother and a father. I never got this argument and it doesn’t make any sense in an Australian context where 20% of households are single-parent families.

Same-sex adoption has been something Labor has been promising for a while and it looked like it was ready to be legislated after this inquiry reported back. However, there were suggestions that Labor had a done a deal with Fred Nile from the Christian Democrats that involved dropping this bill in exchange for Nile’s support on other pieces of key legislation. With Labor having lost control of the Upper House once already, to much criticism, it’s unlikely they’ll risk bluffing Nile.

Hopefully the recommendation will become law and NSW can move a little bit beyond its woeful record on gay rights.

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A few minutes ago, during a Senate inquiry into OzCar, an official from the Department of Treasury who runs the OzCar scheme, Godwin Grech, admitted that the Prime Minister’s office had made representations for John Grant (who lent Kevin Rudd a car) to Treasury. This contradicts claims by the PM that his office had made no such representations.

Thus far, the mainstream media is not yet reporting this latest explosive revelation.

Suck that, Christian Kerr.

Update 4:06pm: You might be wondering why I’m reporting Federal politics on a NSW blog. Well it’s not going to be a regular thing, but this inquiry and what we heard today has the potential to lead the to Prime Minister’s revelation. Last week, The Australian was attacking the blogosphere for being too “analytical” and not breaking enough stories. I thought I’d show them how proactive the blogosphere can be by posting the revelations in the inquiry by before any of the major news services.

Update 4:21pm: The Australian is finally reporting the story.

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At today’s state conference, NSW Nationals leader Andrew Stoner announced a deal had been reached with the Liberals to stop instances of three cornered election contests. The parties will decide between themselves who is contesting each seat and will then pre-select their own candidates. The idea is to pre-empt tensions that might arise when there’s an election in a rural or regional seat without an incumbent Coalition member, like we saw in Lyne and Port Macquarie last year.

It was a discussion of three-cornered election contests in the Coalition party room that lead to Liberals Alby Shultz and Chris Pearce coming to blows.

The Nationals will be trialling a new method of pre-selection in one seat based on the US primary style method they call “community pre-selections”. Under this scheme, any eligible voter will be allowed to help select the Nationals candidate. They haven’t a chosen a seat yet but it’s expected to be a more marginal seat that they don’t currently hold such as Port Macquarie or Tamworth. There’s a lot of potential for this kind of transparent method of pre-selection and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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