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Latest budget news

After the spectacular leaking of the entire roads budget the NSW government has taken the step of announcing the rest of the budget department by department on its own terms.

In the last week we’ve seen the bottom lines of health, education and police, as well as some details, all announced by the government.



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The ABS released their monthly Labour Force survey today, and it looks like those clever economists finally got something right – unemployment rose to 5.7% this month from 5.5% in April.

NSW is leading the way with the highest unemployment figure in the country. We’re at 6.4%, up from 6.1% in April and 4.7% this time last year.

Month-to-month changes aren’t that important, statistically, but the trend is steadily moving upwards. Possum, who’s far more knowledgeable than me on all things statistical has more information on variability in the figures and margins of error here and here.

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