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The NSW Greens have just completed their preselection for the upper house in the next State election.

The preselection was conducted by a ballot of all members and counted this weekend.

Prominent environmentalist and executive director of the Nature Conservation Council Cate Faehrmann was elected to fill the vacancy in the Legislative Council created by Lee Rhiannon who is running for the Senate.

The 2011 ticket will be headed up by industrial relations lawyer and Woollahra councillor David Shoebridge. Second is Byron Mayor Jan Barham. Orange councillor Jeremy Buckingham is in third spot.

NTEU organiser and Rockdale councillor Lesa de Leau and City of Sydney councillor Chris Harris are in the fourth and fifth positions.


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I know the State election is almost two years away but these days it looks like the Australian political blogosphere likes nothing more than watching Labor supporters go at it with Green supporters.

Following on from recent Green successes in the ACT and the Fremantle by-election I have been involved in many heated debates on Pollbludger, Pollytics and The Tally Room. The general nature of the debates varies but the same questions keep popping up. Is the rise in The Green’s vote over the past election cycle something the major parties should be worried about or is it just a protest vote? Has support for The Greens reached its ceiling? If The Greens are a serious third force in Australian politics than why can’t they win lower house seats in a general election?

The last point is the one I want to focus on in this post. In terms of shifting perception away from The Greens being considered a Senate party or just a protest party in the same vein as the Democrats, as well as actually gaining more power and influence, it is important that The Greens start winning lower house heats.


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Today was supposed to be the last sitting day before the winter break. There were quite a few bills that Labor was hoping would passed by the end of the week. While nothing revolutionary was on the table, a couple of bills remain controversial and were giving the Government a headache. Primary among those were the two pieces of legislation allowing for the creation of school league tables and the privatisation of NSW Lotteries.

But early this morning normal parliamentary operating procedures disintegrated.


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