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This article gave me a chuckle:

THE Labor Party has hatched a plan to do a “Maxine McKew” on Malcolm Turnbull in his seat of Wentworth at the next election by searching for a high profile candidate with Green credentials.

Senior ALP sources yesterday confirmed the party wanted to repeat the 2007 election strategy where former broadcaster Ms McKew unseated then Prime Minister, John Howard, in his seat of Bennelong.

Shock horror! Secret ALP sources confirm the party is looking for a high-profile candidate with credentials that match the electorate’s demographic!

Who’da thunk it.


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Interesting timing – a post on corruption in government departments followed by one on crime and now we have a story linking them together.

Former Assistant Director of the NSW Crime Commission Mark Standen has been charged with a number of drug offences and will face trial at the Supreme Court. This is the latest in a saga stretching back to June last year when Standen was arrested at his desk for allegedly attempting to import millions of dollars worth of ephedrine, the chemical used to make the drug ice.


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Bikie laws – A closer look

The NSW Parliament passed a controversial new set of laws in April to “crack down” on outlaw bikie gangs. You might be thinking (like I was), that if we already know that they’re “outside the law” why do we need new laws to… outlaw them? As with most law and order reforms the answer lies in the raw politics of the issue.


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The NSW budget is landing next week and there’s been much speculation going on as to what it might contain, particularly in the area of transport.

This escalated last Monday with what appeared to be the entire roads budget being leaked to the Opposition and subsequently to the press. The interesting thing was that both Fairfax and News Ltd. ran with the story as an “exclusive” but had completely different takes on it.

The Sydney Morning Herald declared:

The big choke: roads lose out in Rees budget

Whereas The Daily Telegraph gave us:

Rees on road to recovery with Budget’s $4 billion boost

And stated

PREMIER Nathan Rees has approved a rapid acceleration of major road projects across Sydney and NSW, with a record $4.4 billion expected to be announced in the state Budget in two weeks.

So we have the two metropolitan daily’s, writing about the same topic based on the same leaked document coming to completely different conclusions. On Tuesday, Crikey asked a pretty obvious question – “Who is right”?. Going on past experience you would be forgiven for automatically thinking the Tele was wrong, but given the pretty stark differences between the two articles further investigation is warranted.


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